John’s Elite Cleaning has a Variety of services we offer for Residential and Commercial Properties.

We are Proud to be Roof Cleaning Specialists in San Diego. Some of the different ways we can clean your property is through Pressure washing, Soft washing, Window cleaning, Gutter cleaning, and Solar panel Cleaning. We have an extensive list of Pressure Washing services in the following order from residential cleaning to commercial cleaning services. San Diego’s preferred roof cleaning San Diego cleaning company, we are here to help at your home or residence & commercial properties to pressure wash or power wash your following surfaces roofs, sidewalk, driveway, patio, steps / stairs, siding, stucco and chimneys. We pressure wash all types of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, grout, and masonry surfaces. Some of the services we can help remove include, grease, oil, calcium, rust, orange battery acid burn, fertilizer stains, mold stains, black streaks, efflorescence, dirt, mud, hard water stains from all of your surfaces.

Since you now know about the stains we can remove, as the roof cleaning San Diego leader, we can go over what we typically remove those stains from or power wash in general. From, house washing, pressure washing, to pressure washing drive throughs at Starbucks & Sanitizing your dumpster pads or pressure washing tennis courts, we take care of all of your pressure washing needs. We pressure wash Residential, Commercial, & Industrial properties. For Commercial Cleaning we have more services to offer. For our commercial properties we can remove grease and oil from, Concrete, loading docs, dumpster pads, gas stations, parking garages, & remove tire marks. dumpster pads.concrete, asphalt, bricks, pavers, tile stone, grout, and masonry surfaces…we also remove calcium, efflorescence, and hard water stains from all of your surfaces including stucco. From your stucco siding we can remove rust, orange battery acid burn, fertilizer stains, mold stains and black streaks.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning in San Diego is our speciality & a great way to visually improve your home’s curb appeal. Have you noticed moss or algae growing on your roof? We can Help remove that and make your roof clean again! When we’re up there we can tell you if you need any other services done such as gutter cleaning or we may notice your solar panels are dirty! Click below to learn more!

Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 7
Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 8

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is how we clean roofs in San Diego, but there are a Variety of other services we can offer when pressure washing in San Diego. We can Pressure Wash your driveway, dirty walls sidewalks and the siding on your home! If you have moss or mold or algae growing or just an excess of dirt on an area around your home we can power wash that away for you and clean if up! Click below to learn more!

Window Cleaning

Here at John’s Elite Cleaning, not only do we crush Roof Cleaning San Diego projects, but we are the pros that can handle even the toughest window cleaning needs. Are you tired of seeing dirty window stains? We offer several different window cleaning packages and are happy to accommodate your needs. Click below to learn more.

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Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 4

Guter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a highly needed service when you have gutters on your home office or building. We offer gutter cleaning and when you have your roof cleaned with us we can let you know whether or not you need it. Gutter cleaning is beneficial to you because they help keep water away from your home and where you do not want water.

Solar panel cLEANING

Here at John’s Elite Cleaning solar panels can be anywhere on your property but they are most commonly found on residential property on the roof. We have helped many solar panel owners get their money back and save money by improving the efficiency of your solar panels. When we Roof cleaning we always make sure you have clean solar panels after we are completed. Click below to learn more!

Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 3
Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services In San Diego 5

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning has its perks! Especially when it comes to your first cleaning! We offer 25% off first time cleaning services To all Commercial accounts! When your looking for a professional cleaning company you have found your right team for the job! We clean Roof Cleaning, Windows, Gutters, Solar Panels, & Pressure wash a variety of different services!


Roofs,Store Fronts, Trash enclosures, Drive ways Patios, Siding, Sidewalks and More! When roof cleaning we have a great perspective of what may need cleaned on your home. When pressure washing roofs we, learned how to clean a lot of other services in San Diego so we can fit your needs! Click below to learn more!

Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 6

John's Elite Cleaning

Our most common residential power washing service is Roof Cleaning & house washing. We are the best roof cleaning San Diego company. John’s Elite Cleanings next most common service is cleaning sidewalks, driveways & patios. Commercial cleaning has the most common request of property managers and restaurant managers is a dumpster pad cleaning / dumpster enclosure cleaning which we commonly schedule every 2 weeks or once every month. Which entails moving the bins, sweeping out excess trash, spraying the pad / enclosure with a degreaser and sodium hypochlorite and using hot water pressure washing to remove the grease oil and grime buildup. Dumpster Cleaning is important for sanitization. Pressure washing restaurant patios is also a common task we provide to our commercial clients when there is a buildup of grime in the area. No matter what type of client you may be, we treat all of our customers with the most respect and try our hardest to beat your standard of clean! We are always trying to see if there is anything else we can do to improve and satisfy our customer if you are a residential customer or a commercial customer.

As the top roof cleaning San Diego company, John’s Elite Cleaning is a professional window cleaning business just as much as it is a professional pressure washing/ roof cleaning company. We have been cleaning windows for over 3 years, which is equal to thousands of windows cleaned by John’s Elite Cleaning! We clean windows for Residential & commercial properties here in San Diego.

Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in San Diego 1

We have three different packages when it comes to your typical Residential Window Cleaning.

  1. Our top package is the Elite Screen Package which includes us removing your screens and detailing your window screens and cleaning them with a water brush and a wipe down. Detailing your tracks with a vacuum and wiping out any excess particles and cleaning your window glass inside and out.
  2. The next package we offer is our most common Elite Package where we remove your screens and then wipe them and the frame with a cloth and detailing your tracks with a vacuum and wiping out any excess particles and cleaning your window glass inside and out.
  3. We also have a Standard package where we remove your screens and then wipe them and the frame with a cloth and clean your tracks with a towel and clean your window glass inside and out.
  4. Below that we have our Basic Exterior Window cleaning package where we only clean the outside of your window and we clean your screen with a towel.

We have three different packages when it comes to your typical Residential Window Cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning is a service we provide to help out our customers potentially actually get money back after our service is complete. Customers say they can get up to a 30% energy increase in performance when having their solar panels cleaned. Even Though it does rain in San Diego the rain doesn’t clean off the solar panels completely. The best way to clean your solar panels is by using a water fed pole. This method is the least risk to damaging your solar panels because we simply use Pure water and a soft bristle brush to remove excess built up dirt and grime that has been on there since the first year after you had them installed. We recommend you have your solar panels cleaned once a year to keep your solar panels working most efficiently. Give us, the roof cleaning San Diego leader, a chance to earn your business today.

With every job, John’s Elite Cleaning provides a Free and complete spider web removal of the whole house. As the leading roof cleaning San Diego company, this is a service we love to provide because we believe it really makes a difference in the appearance of your home or property. The reason we do this for free is because it is a task that we can do for our community to show we care and we know it makes a difference in your home presentation. Unless you are getting ready for Halloween John’s Elite Cleaning knows San Diego doesn’t enjoy having random spiderwebs around the exterior of their home and is happy to help when possible. We believe that it’s not just the big picture we try to focus on alone, also that it is the little detailed things that matter just as much!

When we are cleaning we are focused on providing you the best services possible! We take pride in all of the services we provide to our community here in San Diego. We are doing our best to build the best reputation in San Diego by striving to maintain the best customer experience by individualizing each customer and their specific needs no matter what their needs might be.

Our company aims to stay San Diego County’s Lead Roof Cleaning service provider. Furthermore, John’s Elite Cleaning Company intends to work diligently alongside property managers with goals to be their preferred company they call when in need. Regardless of what your household or business needs might be, our company is the one you should call!(619) 570-9630


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